My Stage 32 Blog Post

Stage 32 was kind enough to allow me to write a blog post for their amazing website. Their site is a social networking site for agents, authors, producers, and all types of filmmakers and writers.

If you want to check out the blog post and the their great social networking site, click here or you can use the link below for the blog post. Here’s to continuing to grow C. Fulsty Productions and continuing to team up with the best collaborators.

Our First Two Paintings Up For Auction

This August, we will be putting our two first paintings up for auction. Enjoy these teasers of them.

They are both framed canvas paintings on an 11in x 14in canvas. We will have more coming, but these are the first. All of them will be 100% original, 1-of-1 art. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The paintings aren’t fully done yet, but they will be finished and covered in an isolation coat and a good varnish to protect the painting. We will, also, continue uploading original, signed illustrations from some of our books for those interested to purchase. We have plans in the works to start work on designing two original skateboards with C. Fulsty deck tape and two original plexiglass illustrations.

One of our BIG NEWS items!!

As you may have seen, we’ve rebranded C. Fulsty Books into C. Fulsty Productions. The main reason we’ve done this is because we are officially getting into the film industry.

Lots of things are in the works currently, but the first official BIG NEWS item we are announcing here and now….… our first Animated Short Film is beginning its final stages. We are hoping for a release between the end of September and the end of October.

If you are excited for that, we have a number of other things in the works, like more Animated Shorts, but for now the rest is all a secret. Shhhhhh.

The New Gift Shop

We have updated the look of our merchandise in the Gift Shop and with our new logo and rebranding, we have new merch coming soon.

Along with our new merch, we will begin selling signed, original illustrations from different books along with some handmade paintings. Some of these items will be sold at a higher price based off of the process to create them, supplies, and time needed to create them. So if you’re wanting one-of-a-kind, signed items, stay up to date with our blog and our Gift Shop.

We now have NFTs

We have decided to join in on the NFT craze to start another avenue of funding our book dreams.

If you’re interested or know someone who is collecting NFTs, we have varying prices ones on our OpenSea account. You can check them out at from our NFT tab or at

Gofundme 8-7-2021 Update

We will officially be submitting one of C. Fulsty’s books to get exposure to TV and movie producers. Thank you to everyone who has donated for making that possible.
Our next goal will be $1200 TOTAL. That will be the mark to begin getting books into hardcover which will make them available to bookstores, libraries, and Tattered Cover who has already discussed interests in carrying C. Fulsty Books.

If you’d still like to donate, you can do so at or click here.

GoFundMe What’s Next

Thank you to everyone that has donated. We still have $160 until we can send one of our books to TV/movie producers and need another $700 until we can start getting books into hardcover. Help us find those that can help, please.

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GoFundMe Live!!

We officially have a GoFundMe that is live now! Please help us get the word out and hopefully we can hit our goal! Lots of info to be seen!

Updated Website

Sorry everyone, I’ve been incredibly busy and I fell behind on updating the website. I have just updated the HOME page and the books on there. I’ve updated UPCOMING BOOKS and I’ve updated COLORING PAGES.

Sorry again for the delay on all the updates. Hopefully all of the upcoming books and the new books that are out and “coming soon” will be enough of an apology. Thank you all for following C. Fulsty Books and we hope you enjoy all of our books!

C. Fulsty Merch

Have you been drooling over the thought of strolling down the street in a C. Fulsty shirt? Have you been daydreaming about the idea of sporting a C. Fulsty hat?

Well get ready, because C. Fulsty shirts, hats, hoodies, and #LessEgosMoreRespect shirts are here for a limited time! If that wasn’t good enough, every purchase will send a portion of money to nonprofits. All of this was made possible by the awesome company and our new partner, The 6th Clothing Co. Like us, they love to support and help out nonprofits with what they do best. Be sure to check them out and the number of nonprofits they help. New nonprofits and new merchandise to collect every couple months so be sure to follow them on social media to see what’s next!

The 6th Clothing Co.

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