About C. Fulsty

C. Fulsty
/sea full-stee/
  1. An indie, self-published author.
  2. An author that started from nothing.
Ex. I'm going to buy C. Fulsty books.

Ex. I hope C. Fulsty comes out with more animated films.

Hey everyone, C. Fulsty here. I’m an Indie, self-published author and illustrator. That means I do just about everything by myself. I write, illustrate (most of my books), edit, brainstorm, and even run this website by myself. I have some great friends that help me out from time to time like Youth On Record, The 6th Clothing Co, the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids, Punk Rock Saves Lives, the Colorado Veterans Project, and Shanilee Fields.

I am currently working with some people and companies to bring C. Fulsty books and other ideas to the screen. With things like Animated Shorts, TV shows, and movies. With all of that plus our Gift Shop, hopefully I can quit my day job soon.

Want to know more? Feel free to email C. Fulsty from the CONTACT US page.

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