Short Stories

Don’t have time to read a children’s book? Don’t have the money to purchase a new children’s book? Try one of C. Fulsty’s short stories!

C. Fulsty’s short story about depression.

A panda falls into a depression hole and the more bad thoughts he has, the further he falls down the hole. How will he get out?

The Musee Tree

The first C. Fulsty short story.

What happens when a bear waits too long to try the best fruit around? Read the story and find out.

C. Fulsty’s short story under the sea.

The story of a pirate squid that is trying to figure out if a box is red or blue. He asks many sea creatures but no one knows the answer, until Stingray asks the one question no one else has asked.

C. Fulsty takes a shot at helping people that need a different perspective on life.

A lonely tree is in a dark place and can’t seem to figure out how to get into the light. One day it notices that the moon is always chasing the light and asks for some advice. The tree learns that it needs a different perspective, and to just turn around.

C. Fulsty tries to create a story with all the racial inequality in the world.

This story speaks for itself. Something needs to be done about all the “Color Wars” going on. All colors are equal, Greens, Purples, Blacks, Whites, Everyone!

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