Happy Statue Limited Edition Shirt


We’re announcing a new collab with our friend and partner at The 6th Clothing Co. ! We have been a part of their Drop Collection before and we’re back with a new #merch item from our animated film, The Happy Statue. If you haven’t caught our short, you can see it here: https://youtu.be/vLShBJuJZnQ

The 6th Clothing Co gives back to the #coloradocommunity and non-profits constantly and is always creating amazing concepts. Our collab shirt was designed by them as well and look at how sleek that is. There will only be a limited quantity of these shirts so be quick to get yours. Click here: https://the6thclothingco.com/pages/c-fulsty-books

And the obvious part, 6% of the listed sales price is automatically donated to their current featured nonprofit Kansas Miss Amazing in their consistent effort to #givemore with the 6th Clothing!


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I'm an emerging children's book author and illustrator. I love to better my books and illustrations every day and with every new book. I welcome anyone to message me to discuss anything from books, to visits, to sports, to anything.

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