Could “Velma” Help Other Writers

With the rough start to the HBO Max show, “Velma,” has been having, could it open the door for other hungry storytellers? With, currently, a 6% Rotten Tomato Audience Score, will Velma be able to turn their luck around in the coming episodes? They have been garnering a lot of attention lately, but not inContinue reading “Could “Velma” Help Other Writers”

Happy Statue Limited Edition Shirt

#NewMerchAlert We’re announcing a new collab with our friend and partner at The 6th Clothing Co. ! We have been a part of their Drop Collection before and we’re back with a new #merch item from our animated film, The Happy Statue. If you haven’t caught our short, you can see it here: TheContinue reading “Happy Statue Limited Edition Shirt”

Our Animated Film is LIVE!!

Our first animated short film is officially LIVE! This film was created with depression and mental health as the inspiration. A statue puts on a tough front to hide the fact that he’s struggling. With people passing him everyday, no one notices that he’s struggling until one little girl takes a closer look. What sheContinue reading “Our Animated Film is LIVE!!”

Our First Animated Short Film

Our first animated short film is on the horizon. We will be releasing it on YouTube on November 22 at 9am (Mountain). You can find a link to the video’s YouTube link here or search “C. Fulsty” on YouTube. We also have a trailer for the short film available to see right now, so goContinue reading “Our First Animated Short Film”

The Happy Statue: Teaser Trailer

It’s finally here! The Happy Statue teaser trailer is up and ready to view over on our YouTube channel. We will upload on our blog and on our Animated Shorts page when we post the official animated short film for The Happy Statue. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel or our blog to beContinue reading “The Happy Statue: Teaser Trailer”

New things coming

We are currently working on 3 children’s picture books that we look to release throughout 2023. We are working on a Kickstarter that will go live in October to help fund our current animated short film and possibly a future one. It will include rewards like Limited Edition shirts, lanyards, stickers, your name in theContinue reading “New things coming”

One of our BIG NEWS items!!

As you may have seen, we’ve rebranded C. Fulsty Books into C. Fulsty Productions. The main reason we’ve done this is because we are officially getting into the film industry. Lots of things are in the works currently, but the first official BIG NEWS item we are announcing here and now….… our first Animated ShortContinue reading “One of our BIG NEWS items!!”

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