Our First Two Paintings Up For Auction

This August, we will be putting our two first paintings up for auction. Enjoy these teasers of them.

They are both framed canvas paintings on an 11in x 14in canvas. We will have more coming, but these are the first. All of them will be 100% original, 1-of-1 art. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The paintings aren’t fully done yet, but they will be finished and covered in an isolation coat and a good varnish to protect the painting. We will, also, continue uploading original, signed illustrations from some of our books for those interested to purchase. We have plans in the works to start work on designing two original skateboards with C. Fulsty deck tape and two original plexiglass illustrations.

Published by C. Fulsty

I'm an emerging children's book author and illustrator. I love to better my books and illustrations every day and with every new book. I welcome anyone to message me to discuss anything from books, to visits, to sports, to anything.

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