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WE ARE LAUNCHING A Kickstarter campaign on 7-1-2020 to try and get our books into hardcover, audio books, possibly a movie/TV movie (which is still in the works), and a number of other things.
We have lots of different pledges you can do to help out with. From signed books, signed original illustrations, merchandise, and some other special rewards for pledging some money towards the project. Go check it out and please please please share so we can try to hit our goal. With Kickstarter it’s all or nothing and we’re going big.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Color Wars

I believe this story speaks for itself. We can fight to separate ourselves, or fight to come together.

Color Wars

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

Two colors hate each other, the Purples and the Greens.

One says the other is being rude and very mean.

They both built walls to keep the others out.

This is only causing lots of hurt and doubt.

Purple throws rocks at Green’s front wall.

“Greens are bad, not just one but all.”

Green is upset and does it right back.

“Purple deserves this for their attack.”

This continues on for too many years.

All that is left now is anger and fears.

Not all Greens are bad, it’s only a few.

Not all Purples are bad, it’s only a few too.

How can we stop all of this anger about?

That is something that needs figuring out.

All Greens and Purples are a different tint.

The big picture is that they’re all colors, hint hint.

Which color is which? I don’t know.

Green vs. Purple, White vs. Black, Racism is what needs to go.

The Tree in the Dark

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

It’s so dark that no one can see.

Someone is crying, oh wait, it’s a tree.

Oak is sad and always in the dark.

Oak is crying all over its bark.

Oak is in the dark all night and day.

Oak wants the dark to just go away.

Oak sees the moon swim through the sky.

The moon chases the light. I wish I could try.

Oak asks, “Does the dark make you sad?”

Moon says, “It does just a tad.”

“I try to keep hope of seeing the light.

I tell myself, ‘You’ll make it through tonight.’”

“I should try that.” Oak says with a huff.

“Looking for the light is just really tough.”

Moon smiles down, “I have advice, but it’s cheesy.”

“Turn around, even if it’s not easy.”

Oak decides to listen to what moon said.

Now Oak needs to move its roots and its head.

Oak yanks all its roots from the ground.

Oak’s doing it, Oak is spinning around.

Oak is moving away from the dark.

Oak is feeling the light on its bark.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light,

But if you work hard at it, your life will get bright.

Red or Blue Box?

Red or Blue Box?

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

Pirate Squid has a question for all.

He wants to ask the big and the small.

He has a box, is it red or blue?

Which color is wrong, and which is true?

He starts by asking a passing fish.

Fish says, “I heard the box is blue-ish.”

Suddenly, Miss Eel swims on by.

“I heard that box is red, don’t ask me why.”

Seahorse joins in and puffs his chest out.

“That box is red without a doubt.”

Great White Shark chimes right in.

“You’re all wrong, it’s blue.” He says with a grin.

All the sea creatures argue a lot.

Which of them are wrong and which are not?

Stingray hears the noise and floats on past.

There’s a question that no one has asked.

Stingray asks Squid, “Where is this box?”

Squid replies, “It’s over by the rocks.”

They swim over to check the box out.

It’s not red or blue without a doubt.

The box is brown with a strong lock.

Maybe they can open it with a big rock?

“I wanted to know whose box it is.

I’m not good with colors, so I started this quiz.”

Stingray and Squid hit the lock with a rock.

When it opens they are both in shock.

Shiny things fill up the treasure chest.

Remember, it’s ok to stand out from the rest.

The Musee Tree

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my first short story and feel free to share with anyone who may want a free story to read during this difficult times. Stay safe and stay healthy.

The Musee Tree

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

The best fruit ever, grows on a tree.

It has many colors and it’s called a Musee (Mew-zee).

All the animals love it, except for a bear.

He will try it one day, he just hasn’t been there.

A monkey swings by while dripping fruit juice.

“I’ll go try it, if I see a moose.”

The next animal he sees, is a moose with the fruit.

“Fine, I’ll get some, if I see a duck with one boot.”

A duck with one boot flies through the air

“Hey! You’re getting that juice everywhere.”

That little bear should go get a taste.

He’s just too lazy and thinks it’s a waste.

“I’ll get it tomorrow,” is all he can say.

“I promise I’ll try it, just not today.”

One day, Bear’s tummy is being extra loud.

He is going to the Musee tree under the cloud.

The entire stroll, Bear imagines the yummy treat.

“Just wait and see how much I’m going to eat.”

As Bear climbs over the last giant rock,

he is left with a look of shock.

Not only is there no fruit for the bear,

someone has cut down the tree that was there.

Bear is sad and the Musee tree is no more.

Go after good things if they’re worth going for.

I waited too long to see a favorite band.

Now they’re gone because they lost their front-man.

I would do anything to see them play one more song.

I will feel this way for far too long.

Help Tony Fly Give His Guitar Some Color

Thank you for visiting our site! Help Tony Fly give his guitar some color!

Feel free to download and print all the copies you want. Share your colored guitar with your friends and tag C. Fulsty on social media so we can share your guitars on our pages.

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Good things coming

Sorry I haven’t touched my blog in forever. I am working on a number of big things…. hopefully. I have been very busy with my electrical apprenticeship, getting married this past June, and buying a house this past May. Along with our new little puppy, Nala, and work on the house I haven’t had much time for books but I’m budgeting my time for that now.

I am finishing Tony’s Butterflies Italian translation thanks to Daniele Ridolfi. I am getting another book ready to be on Storytime Sandi, because we love seeing our books on her awesome YouTube show. I am getting two books written and edited to send out to agents this coming January 2020, but if I get rejected on them I will be sure to

self-publish them since I already have multiple people asking where they can buy them (I had to be the bad guy telling them that it’s not even a book yet). I also have another book being illustrated by Shanilee Fields about an elephant with superpowers. Aside from all of that craziness, I’m also editing and about to start illustrating the sequel to Tony’s Butterflies.

Lots of stuff going on!!!! I promise to blog more about what’s going on so anyone who wants to can stay in the loop. I’ll also try to throw some pictures up here too because I know I always love articles with pictures.

Donation Book on Fox 31 Denver


If any of you missed it, I was currently on Fox 31 (KDVR Denver) thanks to Jeremy Hubbard. I joined their feature “Serving Those Who Serve” with Rob Bingham, the president of the Colorado Veterans Project. Without spoiling too much, feel free to watch the segment at the link below or click here.

“Tony’s Butterflies” Is Flying High For Guitars In The Classrooom

Back at the end of May 2018, I finished the book Tony’s Butterflies. Dedicated to the late and very great Tony Sly. A singer and songwriter for the punk band No Use For A Name, I handed over the rights and profits to the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids…for FOREVER! Actually the rights are in Tony’s daughter’s names, but close enough.

The Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids has announced that from today through December 31, 2018….yes, that’s the rest of 2018, will be donating the profits from Tony’s Butterflies to Guitars In The Classroom. A growing charity that is located throughout 10 states (including my home state of Colorado).  Guitars In The Classroom helps get music into classrooms and instruments in children’s hands. Why wouldn’t you want to help them? Everyone listens to music! Yes, I know everyone has their own genre(s) that they like.

So why not support both charities and get something in return? A children’s book that will make adults cry and kids will ask them to read it again. How will it make you cry? Just read it and find out. Go to Amazon and search “TONY’S BUTTERFLIES” or click on the link below.

Tony’s Butterflies

What an honor it was to work on this project. I never would have thought I’d get a shot to do something like this when I first started writing or when I contacted the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids.

Writing and illustrating Tony’s Butterflies was incredible. Not only did I get to create a fun book, I got to do it for one of my idols. Tony Sly was one of my two idols, up there with Dr. Seuss. I listened to Tony’s acoustic songs and to No Use For A Name (the band that Tony was the frontman of) all throughout high school. It has a tough message that I believe is more obvious for adults than kids, but it’s what we wanted to bring to the book. After speaking with Jon and Brigitte about where to go with the story, it was a joint decision to let some of Tony’s songs do the talking. Jon mentioned centering the story around “Keira” since the song was created as a lullaby. After a joint decision to let any of Tony’s songs influence the book, I began writing it. The rest I think might be kind of boring, so I’ll just leave it out and you can read the book to check out what came of all of this.

Months later and this has been one fun project that I still feel extremely honored to be a part of. So be sure to purchase your copy and check out what came of this project, but remember that all of the profits for every book will go to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids so they can keep helping kids make music.

“I don’t even think a book could say enough for you.” No Use For A NameFor Fiona


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