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This event begins February 1 and will end at 11:59pm on February 2, Central Time (10:59 MTN Time) over on Facebook. 
15 incredible children’s authors have joined together to celebrate the importance of reading for children! Please join us by visiting my Facebook Author Page and we’ll show you the rest. There will also be giveaways and fun games. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Books In The Works

I want to start by thanking all of the new blog followers!


I wanted to post an update on books since I haven’t posted many blog posts lately.

Shanilee, the awesome-est illustrator, is illustrating a book for the Colorado Veterans Project. The rights to the book will be donated to their charity for whatever they need to continue helping veterans. She is lined up for two more books to be illustrated after her current book, if she doesn’t get sick of me by then, haha.

I, C. Fulsty, am working on writing two books and will begin illustrating one after I finish writing. One book will not be a donation book because we’d like to make some money to continue creating fun kids books, Shanilee will illustrate this book. So far, it’s looking like this book will be called the “High High Heels.” Next I will be doing a new Donation Book which we do not have a charity to donate to yet, but don’t worry, we’re working on it. If we can’t find a charity, we may turn it into a book that we will donate all or some of the profits. After those two are finished, I plan to illustrate two books. One is another Christmas book, while the other is a book I do not want to release any information yet, can’t have anyone taking my creative titles.

Game of Thrones Theories & Thoughts

Alright, be prepared for crazy ideas and theories. I haven’t read any of the books that Game of Thrones is based on, so all of my theories are based off of the show and some YouTube theory videos like “The Last Harpy.” I’ve warned you though, so if you continue to read my post then you like seeing new perspectives on this show like me.

First off, I do believe more and more into the Jaqen H’ghar is Rhaegar Targaryen theory. Lots of videos talk about things like the rubies being knocked off Rhaegars breast plate by Robert Baratheon when he was killed. Rubies, possibly like the one that Melisandre has around her neck to hide her true looks from everyone. Another part of this theory is the fact that Rhaegar, obviously, loved Lyanna Stark. Does Arya remind Jaqen of Lyanna? If I also remember correctly from the show, Sir Barristan tells Daenerys that Rhaegar didn’t like fighting. Who’s a character that is suppose to be the head of a group of killers yet you never see him fight. Have any additions to this theory?

Thoughts on the second theory I wanted to bring up, the Lord of Light and Bran Stark. The Last Harpy said something on his YouTube video along the lines of “get the aluminum foil ready,” but take a second to think of some facts and possible outcomes. The Lord of Light followers are convinced there is only one god. Jaqen H’Ghar says there is only one god. Even Syrio Forel back in season one says there is only one god. If you take away the name of the gods, they all have something in common. Syrio Forel says, “There is only one god, and his name is Death.” Could death be the Night King? The Night King that has lots of theories coming forward that he could be Bran Stark through some Greenseer way. Jaqen tells Arya that there is only one god, and she knows his name. Everyone, like me, immediately jumps to connecting him to what Syrio says, but what if he wasn’t talking about death? What if Jaqen actually meant there is one god and you know his name, as in it’s Brandon Stark. There are also theories on The Lord of Light being Bran. Some theories say that Bran told the Mad King to “Burn them all!” Maybe…through his Greenseeing, he connects with Red Priests and Priestesses about the importance of fire and burning people. The religion is said to be old, and possibly it’s been miss-translated from burning the undead to burning anyone? In the 0.0001% chance all of these things line up, Bran would somewhat be the god of Light and Dark, Life and Death, the one God. I know that this theory is very far-fetched and crazy enough to stop reading, but I have one more theory if you’re interested.

My last theory I’ve started to come up with that I haven’t really seen any videos about, is that the White Walkers are actually trying to protect the Starks. Ok, you can stop reading if you want or you can get a little crazy with me for a second. The Starks have not been harmed by a White Walker yet. I know that’s not much of a stretch considering Bran and Jon are the only ones to interact with them, but think about Bran’s vision. In Bran’s vision north of the wall, he sees the white army and the Night King. (The Night King, I believe, is a Greenseer as well which is why he’s able to interact with Bran.) Bran turns to see the Night King just feet away from him and leans back in surprise. The Night King then grabs his arm as if to catch him, or in the same way someone would if you were trying to leave and they wanted to tell you something (mostly creepers in a bar). He’s feet away from Bran and grabbing him, but his weapon is still holstered on his back. Wouldn’t he take this chance to stop Bran from seeing his army in the future? Or if he’s wanting to get rid of all humans, wouldn’t Bran be just another human to get rid of? You may bring up that they chase him out of hiding, but Bran is still never harmed…everyone else is instead. Don’t say “hold the door,” it’s still too soon. You might bring up Hardhome and Jon being attacked there. I can’t argue this one much because he is attacked. You can notice though, the look of the generals face when he notices a Valyrian Steel sword and the Night King takes notice as well. Did they not know he was a Stark? He is only half Stark and he was in a Wildling camp. After this, the only other time I can think of Stark/White Walker interaction is when the All-Stars go north to capture a White Walker in season seven. Jon is battling White Walkers trying to get away, no backing here. Though, the Night King did stare at him with hundreds of White Walkers in between them. None of which attacked Jon. Jon then fights off a number of White Walkers and is tackled. Were they just trying to stop him from killing the Walkers? Don’t mind the holes in this theory, I’m just wanting to bring a new perspective to the Game of Thrones world. Maybe someone with more knowledge and insight can expand on this theory, or shut it down entirely. Who knows.

Either way, thanks for reading and let me know if you think I’m crazy and need to rewatch the entire series again, which I will either way, or if I could be on to something. Please leave vulgar language out of comments. I am a children’s book author and have children checking out this sight from time to time. Have a great week! House Stark for the win!

GoT Theory: Night King is the Many Faced God

Alright, so I realize I’m a children’s picture book author and this is very far from that. However, I am a Game of Thrones addict. I haven’t read the books and this may not have a lot of proof, but my co-worker and I think we have a brand new theory.

Talking about Game of Thrones, we got on the topic of Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris. Why would a man (Jaqen H’ghar) say “all men must die?” I realize everyone says it, but why? We started talking about “all men must die” comes before “all men must serve.” Does this mean all men die than serve…. the Night King? Jaqen H’ghar says they’re all serving the Many Faced God though. What if the Night King is the Many Faced God? His face before he turned and his face as the Night King? Maybe all the faces of his army?  Is he the Lord of Light? Jon Snow says there is nothing once you die, nothing. So how can the Lord of Light bring him back? The only one I know who can bring people back to life is the Night King. It’s even mentioned, what if the Gods are all the same thing? If they are all the same thing, it’s still burned into my brain what his name is. “There is only one God, and his name is death.” Is death Syrio’s way of telling Arya that the Night King is the only God? I realize this could be waaaaaaay off, but is it? 

Are George R. R. Martin and/or HBO telling us how the show ends? How long have they been telling us? Remember, there is only one God…..  and you know his name.

Storytime Sandi reads I WANT TO FLY

img_20171224_175545_0062005270209.jpgThe amazing storyteller, Storytime Sandi, along with Midnight the Magic Book just read I WANT TO FLY on their YouTube channel.

This is the second C. Fulsty book read on Storytime Sandi, go check it out along with all of her other books. Follow the link below…

Storytime Sandi reads HOW HIGH CAN YOU JUMP?

A great storyteller has read How High Can You Jump on YouTube! The amazing Storytime Sandi read our book along with Midnight the Magic  Book on their YouTube channel. Missed it? Check out the link below!

Storytime Sandi reads How High Can You Jump

Being An Author With Depression



I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression by a doctor. I have told several people that I struggle with depression and I’ve gotten mixed responses. Some have told me they feel for me or have depression as well, while others have told me they don’t believe depression is a real issue and that I “just need to be happy.” 

One thing I know that I, and other people with depression HATE is being told to just be happy. The same way some people can’t approach a person they think is attractive, the way some people aren’t good with money, or the way some people just seem to have tons of confidence it’s just the way they are. Depression is a legitimate condition that I suffer from.

I have nights where I feel extremely confident, like I can change the world. A few days later I’ll feel like I’m the worst person in the world, like nothing I do is good enough and I don’t even know why I’m here. I have suffered from the worst thoughts someone with depression can have. No it isn’t like a cold that you deal with for a day or two and it’s gone until next year. I have weeks where I don’t deal with it or, like the last two weeks, I deal with it every day or every other day. Sometimes I just feel defeated and sometimes I feel like my life is a joke and I shouldn’t be here. 

I lost a friend who was seeking help from depression and it wasn’t enough, and I feel like sometimes it’s better to let someone know. I know it’s hard to do, but it’s helped me grow and deal with it. I am very quiet about my depression because I don’t want sympathy or people judging me based on it. I have good and bad days like anyone, it’s just that my bad days are extremely bad days.  

So before you judge me just remember that I judge myself harder than you or anyone else ever could. This is where I find the strength to push myself to try and be a great children’s book author. Try to put my passion and pain from everything I’ve been through into my books to help children who may be going through tough situations themselves. Giving back, donating, helping children, it all helps me deal with my depression.

Goofy/Random Fact #2

A couple weeks ago now, I found out I have gained an allergy to wasp stings. I’ve been stung six times total by wasps, bees, and hornets.

When I was stung, it hurt  more than any other stings and lasted for four days. It did finally go away, but I was checked and told I now have a mild allergy. No fun!

Goofy/Random Fact #1

So I’ve been told more and more that I’m a goofy, weird guy and it doesn’t come across when I’m talking about books and sometimes in my books. Not sure where that came from but I thought I’d blog goofy facts about myself here and there to try and let my goofy-ness show (yes I add “ness” to the end of any word I want).

Today’s Goofy Fact is that I talk to everything. I get that might not sound weird, but my co-worker at my day job makes fun of me everyday for it. I’ve talked to frogs, dogs, squirrels, dragonflies, dragonfly larvae, leeches (explicit material), worms, and waterstriders (little bugs that float on top of ponds). I have also gone out of my way to save dragonfly larvae and other things. I got told to stop when i put an injured dragonfly on a rock and poured water next to him in case he got thirsty.

I’ve been told by everyone that I am a 5-year-old stuck in a 30-year-old body. I mean I would drop thousands of dollars on Legos if I could. Who wouldn’t?

There you go, Goofy Fact #1! Thanks for reading all of you goofy people!

Donation Books are coming! 

I’ve talked a little about it before. Donation Books will be books I plan to create and then donate all of the rights and profits to help a specific charity or group. Since I’m self-published, I have no one to tell me it’s a bad idea #stickingoutmytongue.

First one coming out is a book for the Colorado Veterans Project. They are a charity that helps veterans facing difficulties. I spoke with and interviewed a number of veterans who wanted a children’s book showing the difficulties families face while the parent(s) are deployed. This book is currently being illustrated and we are hoping for it to be finished around the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. We have faced some personal issues which have postponed the release of this book, but we’re working hard on it.

Next up, is a Donation Book that I am writing for one of my late idols. I will be writing and illustrating it because it is a more personal book for me. It will be donated to a music foundation in their name, and I will release all of the info once I get closer to a release. The book is based on a specific song they wrote with influences from other songs they wrote. It will have a sad ending that is still child friendly, but adults will understand the meaning. To be honest, I cried reading the end to my girlfriend because it has quotes from his songs and I’m kind of a baby with things like that.  No making fun of me #imnotababy.

I will have more info coming soon, along with a new book coming in the next month! Thanks for reading and please share.

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