Should I Redo TOCK THE ROCK?

Tock the Rock, my first book ever. There are several copies floating around somewhere. Should I redo the book though?

I’ve been told by a few people that have read the book, that they liked it. I hated the illustrations because it was my first book, and I thought the story was meh. I made it no longer available because of this. More and more people are asking me to revise it and bring it back. What do you think? A story about a rock that doesn’t want to roll around like other rocks to get smooth and round. The other rocks are trying to get smooth and round so when they get thrown across the pond the skip instead of just sinking. At the end though, they all end up in the same place. Think it’s a good enough story to give another chance to? Care to see what happens to these zany rocks? Let me know!

Published by C. Fulsty

I'm an emerging children's book author and illustrator. I love to better my books and illustrations every day and with every new book. I welcome anyone to message me to discuss anything from books, to visits, to sports, to anything.

2 thoughts on “Should I Redo TOCK THE ROCK?

  1. It will be nice if you redo the book with new illustration.. I am great fan of your writing and illustration. All the best wishes from Bangladesh

    1. I am so honored that you are one of my fans! You are my first fan from Bangladesh that I know of, thank you so much!

      I will begin working on new illustrations for Tock the Rock after I finish up on a few new books coming soon.

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