Battling Depression

I try to keep my posts related to kids or kids books. Today is a little more serious of a post but still child-friendly. Whether you know or not, I struggle with depression. I was diagnosed with severe depression several years ago but I do have a handle on it now. That doesn’t mean I’m not depressed, it just means it still happens but I know how to control it more and steer it in the direction I need. I try to be open about depression in the hopes that someone else can find reassurance or just feel like they’re not alone because of my words. I’m not looking for acceptance because there will always be people out there that think depression is just “feeling sad.” Don’t go to those people for help. Find someone who understands or try to find an outlet, like something creative that helps.

I have been struggling with depression the last few days because of some personal things that are going on. Of course Covid doesn’t help, but everyone knows that. My outlet is writing stories. I do have one person that helps, but I also go to my books.

This is very random, but I’m going to stop my post here because I don’t want it to get too long or boring. I do think that this will turn into 1 or 2 short stories. We’ll see. #ComingSoon

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