Behind The Depression Hole

Just as a warning to parents and kids, this will be a more serious post about me and my struggle with depression. I just wrote a story about a panda dealing with his depression that feels like a hole he can’t get out of. I wrote the story based off of what I feel withContinue reading “Behind The Depression Hole”

The Depression Hole

The Depression Hole Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty Cee, the panda, is stuck in a hole. It happened to Cee as he was taking a stroll. Cee didn’t mean to fall right in. No one plans on having depression. The hole is deep, but Cee is at the top. With every bad thought, CeeContinue reading “The Depression Hole”

Color Wars

I believe this story speaks for itself. We can fight to separate ourselves, or fight to come together. Color Wars Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty Two colors hate each other, the Purples and the Greens. One says the other is being rude and very mean. They both built walls to keep the others out.Continue reading “Color Wars”

Red or Blue Box?

Red or Blue Box? Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty Pirate Squid has a question for all. He wants to ask the big and the small. He has a box, is it red or blue? Which color is wrong, and which is true? He starts by asking a passing fish. Fish says, “I heard theContinue reading “Red or Blue Box?”

The Musee Tree

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my first short story and feel free to share with anyone who may want a free story to read during this difficult times. Stay safe and stay healthy. The Musee Tree Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty The best fruit ever, grows on a tree.Continue reading “The Musee Tree”

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