The Musee Tree

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The Musee Tree

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

The best fruit ever, grows on a tree.

It has many colors and it’s called a Musee (Mew-zee).

All the animals love it, except for a bear.

He will try it one day, he just hasn’t been there.

A monkey swings by while dripping fruit juice.

“I’ll go try it, if I see a moose.”

The next animal he sees, is a moose with the fruit.

“Fine, I’ll get some, if I see a duck with one boot.”

A duck with one boot flies through the air

“Hey! You’re getting that juice everywhere.”

That little bear should go get a taste.

He’s just too lazy and thinks it’s a waste.

“I’ll get it tomorrow,” is all he can say.

“I promise I’ll try it, just not today.”

One day, Bear’s tummy is being extra loud.

He is going to the Musee tree under the cloud.

The entire stroll, Bear imagines the yummy treat.

“Just wait and see how much I’m going to eat.”

As Bear climbs over the last giant rock,

he is left with a look of shock.

Not only is there no fruit for the bear,

someone has cut down the tree that was there.

Bear is sad and the Musee tree is no more.

Go after good things if they’re worth going for.

I waited too long to see a favorite band.

Now they’re gone because they lost their front-man.

I would do anything to see them play one more song.

I will feel this way for far too long.

Published by C. Fulsty

I'm an emerging children's book author and illustrator. I love to better my books and illustrations every day and with every new book. I welcome anyone to message me to discuss anything from books, to visits, to sports, to anything.

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