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Where Are Mommy And Daddy?


A Donation Book written and illustrated for the Colorado Veterans Project, Where Are Mommy And Daddy was made to give back to veterans that have served our country.

Where Are Mommy And Daddy is a book for any child with a parent or parents in the military. Grammy and Grampy are watching over the little eagles while their parents are off protecting the USA. Grammy and Grampy play a guessing game with Nikky and Mickey while they wait for Mommy and Daddy to come home. Where are Mommy and Daddy? What are Mommy and Daddy doing? When will Mommy and Daddy be home? The kids take a guess on each question Grammy and Grampy ask. The last question ends with a giant gift, but what’s inside?

Tony’s Butterflies

Cover w words final

“Tony’s Butterflies” is a story dedicated to the late singer, songwriter, and front man for the band No Use For A Name, Tony Sly.  The rights and proceeds will belong to the Tony Sly Music Foundation for Kids so they can continue to support other music foundations in Tony’s name.

The story is about the Fly’s, a family of butterflies with their dad, Tony. Tony and Brigitte’s girls, Keira and Fiona, play hide-and-seek with Tony all the time. They play in so many different places until one day they can’t find Tony. Where could he be? This story will be a fun book for kids to find Tony, while parents will understand the underlying story with a tear in their eye.

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