Next two books in the process

Hammering out my next two books. One I plan to illustrate in a new way, one I plan to have a friend illustrate. C Fulsty Books from android

Dream job

People tell me that they wish they made enough money to never have to work again. I want to make enough money to live comfortably and make children’s books a career. C Fulsty Books from android


Sometimes, you’re not satisfied with a story, and decide to scratch it and rewrite the whole thing. Little, Lonely Cloud is about to be written…….again C Fulsty Books from android

Hockey Season

As some of you may know or may not know, my passion is writing children’s books and working with kids. My second passion is hockey! Love it, play it, watch it, and today the season begins. I will be in downtown Denver tomorrow to see my favorite teams home opening game. Let’s go Avs! CContinue reading “Hockey Season”

What to blog about?

Would it be better to blog about children’s books, education and literature only? Or about my books and about myself? C Fulsty Books from android

Next Books

I have so many book ideas, I’m not sure which ones to start with. I have two I’m currently finishing the rough drafts for, and probably three more that are started.

Social Media

Working right now on getting all of my social media updated so everyone has multiple outlets to stay up to date with everything going on. C Fulsty Books from android

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